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Hot Daddies

Hot men being cute with kids

Hot men being cute with kids
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Ever caught yourself thinking any of the following things?

“This would be so much hotter if those manly men were defending children.”
“What this needs is hot guys rescuing small children from a burning orphanage.
In the rain.”
“Eeeeee! Look! He’s shirtless and he’s holding a baby! Screw Troy, Hector, stay home and take care of the baby!”

If your answer is “yes”, then hotdaddies is the place for you.

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We’ve discovered that, for some totally obvious reason having to do with loving the nurturing, protective side of men mysterious reason, the hotness of a hot guy is exponentially increased if he is being cute with a small child. And we know we’re not the only ones who think so.

Founding Mod marastar is not around much these days, so your Around More Mod is edoraslass. You can reach me by leaving a comment in my LJ.

Every community’s got ‘em, so here are ours:

1. ANYTHING of a sexual nature between an adult male and a non-adult child will get you banned faster than you can say “sexual offender database”. What’s more, we’ll advertise your LJ name any place we can, and tell everyone what a sick bastard you are.
2. No RPS or Mpreg. There are plenty of RPS communities around if you want to have Viggo and Orli adopt a baby.
3. Pictures and fic are both fine; fictional and non-fictional men welcome. Including animated guys.
4. Pictures of you (if you are male) or your child’s father with the child in question are also fine.
5. Everything goes behind an LJ-cut.
5a. NO hotlinking. It's just rude.
6 The man in question does not actually have to be the child’s father.
He just needs to be daddylike. If you have a picture of, say, Wolverine with a kid, post that sucker.
7. Persistent trolls will be banned and roundly mocked. If we miss one, you know the drill: don’t feed them.

If in doubt about a submission, e-mail the mods.